Objects' clipped edges dissapear in detail views of Layout

Got Another Clipping plane bug. See attached file:
Viewport Test.3dm (76.2 KB)

Basically if I go into the layout and change the view style of one of the details, and then click out of the detail, the clipped edges in the other details disappear.

What it should look like:

What happens after changing the view style of the top left detail:

What it looks like after clicking into and out of the bottom left detail:

I’m not sure if this is a related bug, but a similar issue happens where random details lose their clipped edges until I click into and back out of them. I was actually trying to replicate that bug but found this one instead.


One additional note. The square is a block object, so that might have something to do with it too since the single surface is being clipped correctly

We’re seeing that here as well - I’ll write up a bug report.

Thanks Wim,

BTW did that bug ever get added to YouTrack? I didn’t see it in there.


Not yet, Ian. I’ll post the link here when I’m done with it. It seem like this is triggered by both having a block in the scene and having those two clipping planes.

@NavArch, here it is: RH-49047