Objects by selection component crash Rhino 5 for MAC

Hi @andheum when try to use Object by selection just after restart the boolean always close my rhino (Rhino 5 for MAC), any chance to fix this please!

… and It seems that these 2 components are lost,
ComponentInfo that is a new tab “Category” and HumanforMac(ASpi) that is in Curve tab, they are in your humanformac.gha 2018/11/01(Food4Rhino) and also I miss your ICON in the tabs.

I wonder if I accidentally uploaded the wrong version. It should be this one: Human.gha (416 KB)

I can see the objects-by-selection crash… I will have to look into that.

Nice but this is for Rhino 6 wip, please, when you could fix the crash Rhino 5 for Mac deserve the last update :pray:t3:


Sorry, I’m no longer supporting Rhino 5 for Mac.

Did you try it in Rhino 5 for mac and it didn’t work?

Yes, I’m writing related to Rhino 5

the plugin I uploaded didn’t load at all? or the crash happened?

I don’t test in Rhino 6 yet, In Rhino 5 can’t load your plugin.

okay. I dont develop for Rhino 5 mac anymore. it’s too much work to maintain all these separate versions.

Sorry, I’m no longer supporting Rhino 5 for Mac.