Objectbake only baking a few objects out of entire set

hello, I am trying to bake a gradient into a set of objects, however when using the plugin lunchbox for “objectbake”, the command only bakes the bottom portion of my objects. Please help

M3.3dm (4.0 MB)
M3.gh (10.3 KB)

you have a few nulls object as result of Polygon creation (at least 3 sides):

a solution might be “whatever is lower than 3 becomes 3”, but don’t know if this suits your needs:

looks like working properly :slight_smile:

M3_Re.gh (15.4 KB)
(geometries are internalized: you don’t need the Rhino file and can open the GH file even over a blank Rhino canvas)

on a side note, the ClosestPoint component already outputs the Distance, so you can use that value without recalculating it:


I love you. thank you. Went to school for architecture, not coding, grasshopper will be the death of me.

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just for the first couple of weeks :slight_smile: after that everything will go smoother and smoother :+1: