ObjectAttributes.SetUserString lost on bake

Hi, i have a simple node:

 private void RunScript(Surface srf, ref object A)
    srf.SetUserString("key", "value");
    A = srf;

The userString is readable by other nodes in GH, but gets lost on bake…
‘GetUserText’ command in Rhino doesnt show anything afterwards

While the same node as above, with Meshes works just fine (data gets baked in)

EDIT: ok, found out that if the input node is GeometryBase then the bake works fine

Yeah Surface is a bit of a weird type, in the Rhino SDK it only refers to an untrimmed surface, but Grasshopper supports trimming as well. In fact GH uses single-face breps instead of Rhino.Geometry.Surface. So switching either to Brep or GeometryBase is better.

jep - figured that…