Object within a certain area/ border

Hi everyone,
I’m currently working on my masterthesis which involves the analysis of a buliding plot.
To my problem:
The only thing i start my skript off with is the plot-border.
I want my building (which is just a rough volume to get the best possible floor area) to stay within this plot-border. So i can move it around on the x- and y-axis without it crossing the borderline.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Dave.Bart,

You could get the area centroid of your building boundary. Now, If this area centroid is strictly inside of the plot boundary, and both curves are not intersecting each other, the building curve should be inside of the plot boundary.
The only downside to this approach is that when a part of the building boundary lies directly on the plot boundary and the rest - including the area centroid - inside the plot boundary, the condition also won’t be met.
However, most zoning laws forbid you from building right up to the neighbours’ properties or public space either way (at least where I come from).
The components you’re looking for are Area and CCX (Curve | Curve).

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Hey @diff-arch,
your approach worked in terms of indicating wether the building- and plot boundary intersect each other.
I came up with a slightly different solution:
The basecurve i use to extrude and model my building-volume with is the curve that indicates the minimum distance you have to adhere to (just a 3m offset-curve of the plot boundary). By using “evaluate curve” on it and linking that point to the plane-parameter of “scale NU”, im able to move the building around inside this curve without crossing it.

Sorry for my late response and thanks for your fast one;)