Object user attributtes enhancements

Testing v7 little bit. I am glad to see there are some improvements in object attributes.
Would it be possible to add even more features to this? Like proposed in the pic. The point is once there is room for adding formulas it will be really powerful and the model can turn to nice model database.

Besides things in the pic very nice feature would be conditional attributes. For example if you created key/value objecttype/concrete there would be new attributes automatically created for this unique key/value pair.

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And of course all these features should be accessible from GH (i should be able to handle object attributes from GH, natively support for these fx special attributtes) to even broaden possibilities of attributes (linking to excel and other fancy stuff)

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there should be 3. column with units

another feature amongts FX could be picklists… you would just load hierarchy tree from excel and in rhino you could pick value from picklists for sake of classifciation of objects