Object Shading - Duplicated Vertices

I have some meshes that I’m trying to edit in another program (sculptris). When I export them as OBJs, and load into sculptris, the sculptris smoothing function doesn’t work (deletes the faces instead of smoothing them). After playing around with it, I determined that it was due to duplicated vertices. I removed duplicated vertices in meshlab, and it now works fine in sculptris. However, when i import the object back into rhino, the rendering window is now a completely flat shade and the surface features can’t be seen. Flipping Mesh normals doesn’t help. Any ideas why the duplicated vertices would effect the rendered appearance and/or any advice to get the mesh renderings to look the same as the original? I’m attaching a pic of both rendered views (w duplicated vertices and without).



Hi McMucher- use Weld in Rhino before exporting - 180 degrees. Any better?


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Thanks! That appears to work. However it creates another problem for me - I’m trying to keep some texture mapping, but when I weld the texture gets disrupted along the texture seams. Is it possible to weld without distorting the texture?

(NOTE-if i use meshlab to remove the duplicated vertices, it retains the texture seams.)

I don’t know how to avoid messing up existing texture coordinates. Hmmm - maybe:

  • Weld a copy
  • Apply custom mapping (Properties >rubber duck icon) to the welded mesh and use the original unwelded one as the source. You can then delete the extra mesh, the mapping will stick.


When I set up the custom mapping based on the unwelded mesh, the custom mapping looks very similar (identical?) to the welded mapping (distortions along the seams). I am new to texture mapping, so thanks for your patience!

The texture is mapped corrected when i used remove the duplicated vertices in meshlab, but then I’m back to the flat shading. The flat shading isn’t a huge problem, but the fact that it’s different tells me that there is something I’m not accounting for.

Hi mcMucher - Can you post an example mesh, before it’s welded? If it is confidential, please send via private message or via www.rhino3d.com/upload .