Object seems clipped - What happened?

Suddenly one individual object seems clipped. I must have touched some setting unknowingly. What have I done? :no_mouth:

// Rolf

You may have changed/added the clipping plane. See the ClippingPlane command (or one of its siblings, like Enable/Disable …)

No, I tried that.

I wonder if it has to do with meshes having flipped normals. At first I thought that there were some “rotation lock” on the object (see gif below) since the other objects seemed to rotate while this object only moved in position but no rotation… (I’m not rotating anything though, just the perspective viewport as ususal).

But eventually I noticed that…um, I’m actually looking “through” the object, the backface that is, but not so with the other objects. Gives a spooky impression…, I have started to suspect that it is a backface visual phenomenon. I captured it before dumping it :

Made me dizzy for a while… :slight_smile:

// Rolf

I see, you may need to RebuildMeshNormals or UnifyMeshNormals to get rid of this.