Object relationships best approach as new data causes a move needing all related to also change

Major project with many associated objects, quite a few all related to one item, which I always saw as correct from the outset, but now it needs to move 0.25 inch
What method if any is there of making its related objects also move even if their layers are off, and the objects related to those objects, and those related to those and so on, quite a few relational tiers.

How should they have been related to each other when first made ?
Its not just the final solids but also their dimensions, construction lines, profiles, rails etc etc, all must move together.
Also any pictures I had positioned to make them as well.

I have dabbled with history in the past but I had found it had turned off and hadn’t recorded things. If its supposed to be hit for each move I just dont remember to do so.

Is it for such occasions as above though and also below. ?

I recall SpaceClaim having objects nested in a folder structure so changing one changed others.
Of course there is attachment relationship and size relationship, so moving something sees the first one needed, but scaling up might not need rivets altering in size or even position.
Also moving might not need an item moving but instead stretching or shortening.

I have never explored the relational need methods and need to do so.


anyone please ? 2yrs now… :sob:

I have come across this need again. Just had to find and move my boolean difference ‘cutters’ to place them to where their cuts had moved to, also some dims and curves, as their layer was off when I had moved objects.


Hi Steve -

For any objects to have relationships to one another, you’d have to activate the history feature before creating the child geometry. There is nothing that will add such information after objects are created.