Object Properties - Show Isocurves grayed out - Mac 6 & 7WIP

Show Isocurves button is grayed out in most cases when groups or multiple objects or imported objects are selected. Cannot turn off isocurves. I do not have the same problem on the Windows version.

Hi - Could you post a simple file that shows this behavior?


I have attached a file of 100 cubes.


Select All,
Select or deselect Isocurves in Object Properties.
Nothing happens.

I realized the example I described in the first post was on a BLOCK. After exploding the block, the button was not grayed out. However, I have seen this on non-BLOCK models as well.


Container structure -
Select all
Object Properties
Isocurve option grayed out.Isocurve 2.3dm (3.2 MB) Isocurves.3dm (4.4 MB)

Hi - Thanks for the files. I see that here as well.

For your “Isocurves.3dm” file, all those objects are special Extrusion objects. Isocurves are never shown for such objects.

In your “Isocurve 2.3dm” file, there are also extrusion objects, but apparently, on the Mac, when you select both curves and other objects, the isocurve option is grayed out. It doesn’t do that on Windows and I don’t see a good reason for that behavior. I’ll put it on the list. - RH-56342