Object Properties Panel


Hello everyone,
in the last two WIP versions the Object Properties aren´t displayed in the Object Properties Panel.
I found this:

and this:

Is there some bug back again?
As it is now I can´t use the WIP version.

(Wim Dekeyser) #2

No such problems here. Can you provide more information on your workflow, organization of panels, system info?


Thank you for the quick reply.
My system is Windows7 on a machine with an Intel Xeon E5-1630 v3 / Quadro K2200.
“Workflow” is to draw a box and select it. And it is the same if the panel is docked to the side or
it is there as a seperate window:

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #4

Does the panel show up when you use the _Properties command after your selection?


It´s a bit weird. I had RH5 running and started the WIP and the
Properties are showing up in the
panel. ? I tried different things (open a rh5 file, open from template
etc.) for testing, but now it is all as it should be…
Except that sometimes I can´t cancel a running command with Esc. But I
can´t reproduce it and it does´t fit in this topic and anyway.
Thank you for the fast replies.

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #6

Thanks for checking though.

If you do run into this scenario again please report again.

There is at least a problem with custom object/view properties dialogs from plug-ins, where tabs/titles for such custom dialogs aren’t showing. Related? I don’t know :slight_smile: