Object Properties Panel

Hello everyone,
in the last two WIP versions the Object Properties aren´t displayed in the Object Properties Panel.
I found this:

and this:

Is there some bug back again?
As it is now I can´t use the WIP version.

No such problems here. Can you provide more information on your workflow, organization of panels, system info?

Thank you for the quick reply.
My system is Windows7 on a machine with an Intel Xeon E5-1630 v3 / Quadro K2200.
“Workflow” is to draw a box and select it. And it is the same if the panel is docked to the side or
it is there as a seperate window:

Does the panel show up when you use the _Properties command after your selection?

It´s a bit weird. I had RH5 running and started the WIP and the
Properties are showing up in the
panel. ? I tried different things (open a rh5 file, open from template
etc.) for testing, but now it is all as it should be…
Except that sometimes I can´t cancel a running command with Esc. But I
can´t reproduce it and it does´t fit in this topic and anyway.
Thank you for the fast replies.

Thanks for checking though.

If you do run into this scenario again please report again.

There is at least a problem with custom object/view properties dialogs from plug-ins, where tabs/titles for such custom dialogs aren’t showing. Related? I don’t know :slight_smile: