Object properties: Control points?

It would be good to display the properties of a selected control point in the object properties panel.
At least a control point has a coordinate and a weight.

That would allow a quick check of a control point, especially about the weight.
And we could change the properties in the panel then.

Not sure if a control point is exactly an object.
I hope this is not an argument against the idea, as the viewport is also not an object.


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@dalelear would this be possible if http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-7373 could be done?

@mikko is this something you could make work?

@brian, you mean implementing a properties page for control points? RH-7373 seems to be about something completely different. I guess I could give it a try, but seems like at the moment Rhino is wired not to generate any selection or deselection events for control points, so some of the plumbing needs to change to make this even possible.

@mikko yeah, I meant implementing a properties page for control points. I have no idea why @BrianJ conflated it with RH-7373. I suspected that there wasn’t any core plumbing to know about selection/deselection events for control points. @dalelear would it be difficult to add events for selection/deselection of control points?

I was just wondering if the ability asked for was related to or dependent on that old feature request I’ve been lobbying for. I believe the reason control points can’t be grouped is because they aren’t an object type.

@BrianJ, @brian, control points are an object type, but they are very temporary. For example, when you move a single control point, the control points on the old object that goes to undo stack are nuked, and new control points are created for the new copy. Same with turning off and on the control points. And they are not saved in the file.

Thanks for teaching me something @mikko that makes sense. So the ability to show ctrl pt properties indeed appears unconnected from my continued wish that we could group selection sets of ctrl pts.

Hmm, then I wonder how the weight is saved.

Control point weights are saved as part of the curve or surface definition.