Object not rendering in Brazil but does so in Rhino render and V-Ray

I’ve made a simple leaf object with 2 way rail - it’s the only thing in the attached file. It renders fine with Rhino render and V-Ray but not with Brazil. It’s not due to a 1 way material - it will render neither from the front or the back. The object isn’t bad or duplicated. It came from another file where suddenly half the objects stopped rendering - again, only in Brazil, not in other renderers which showed them just fine.

Thanks for any help on this perplexing issue.


BrazilBug.3dm (293.3 KB)

Use RemoveKnot once on the center crease of the leaf. There appear to be three knots on top of one another which cause the surface to not (no pun intended) render in Brazil. I’ll file it now but RemoveKnot or Rebuild fixes it for now.

Ah yes - that did it! Thanks for the assist!

I’ve verified that the following simple workflow causes the problem reproducibly (and I’m going to be doing this quite a bit) so I’d love to know if there’s something I’m doing wrong that needs fixing or some way to achieve my goal without having to do the “remove knot” procedure every time:

I responded to the email sent to me which caused a post but it lost all the formatting. I deleted that post and am posting directly to retain formatting and deleted the response. Sorry for the mixup.

I’ve got object snap turned on with Near and End. I draw one curve for the outline of the left side of the leaf and then draw another for the right using the end snap to make sure that the curves fit together at the tips. I then use orient to place my profile curve somewhere in the center between the tips, using the near snap to set my target points exactly on the sides of the leaf. Finally I use a 2 Rail selecting the two sides of the leaf as the rails and then for the profile curves I first use “Point”, clicking on one tip, then select my profile curve between the tips and then “Point” using the other tip. I assume “Point” is what’s causing the problem but I don’t really know what else I could do in this situation.

Hopefully that’s understandable. It’s definitely not rocket science - pretty much exactly what you’d expect to produce this sort of shape (or at least pretty much what I’d expect).

The resultant object won’t render unless I perform the “remove knot” procedure.