Object Name Stamp anyone?

I’m working on re-using floor tiles from one set to another. Each tile has a unique name. I’d like to have that name stamped (2D text or 3D inset) into each tile, so it’s possible to:

A) Print a flooring plan that shows which tiles are being re-cycled, and
B) Possibly have the tiles CNC’d with their unique “puzzle piece” name

I have to assume someone’s tackled this :grinning:


Please post a file with your tiles, names, desired printing config (paper space or model) along with any other directions. Thanks

thanks, @Japhy
I can DM or email it to you.
Do you have a script that does it?

Certainly, if the file is large post it here Rhino - Upload to Support

or email to me japhy@mcneel.com


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@pascal I believe you had something sort of close to this with NameCallout
EDIT: Ah, not quite what I thought it was.

Man, I need to read my python 101 faster so I can make these scripts when I need them! :sweat_smile: