Object isolation states

I’m thinking about making a plug-in to allow you save your “position” in a shown/hidden object hierarchy. Right now if you are working on complicated models that require you to isolate some small part to make the program run faster, to work on a portion of the model in detail, you can’t isolate again because if you then try to unisolate, you get back to the original super heavy model… hope that’s not too confusing :slight_smile: To make this more user friendly, I want to borrow an element from Adobe and place it in the viewport, right next to or underneath the viewport name.


This kind of interface would let you see where you are in the “isolation tree” and you could up or down without losing those states.

Is it possible to layer something like this on top of the GUI?

I guess it would also work as a palette similar to the layers palette but that will take more real estate

Hi @mrhappy,

If the question is whethe or not you can create a control bar that docks on the top, then the answer is yes. Here is a sample:


– Dale