Object is not Normal

When you Right Click on Gumball (the activation toggle at the bottom of the Rhino window) you get this list of options:

Normal Options

The option “Align to Object” is too general to suggest a direction. What it should say is “Align to Normal” because “Normal” is allready defined “a line at right angles to a given line or surface”.
When you are pushiing and pulling control points, edges or surfaces, its important to have a clear definition: The Normal direction, Not the Object direction.

Also when you type “Normal” in the command line, you do not see the command that evokes the surface direction indicators … DIR is missing.

Type Normal

Hello - the ‘Align to object’ setting aligns the gumball to a plane on the object if one is available, it does not find a normal at all except by chance, like on planar surface. Extrusions have a direction built in, so on extrusions gumball sets the blue arrow to that - again not a normal relative to the object except by chance.

When pulling (manipulating) surfaces, and control points on a SubD structure… How do I set gumball to align the manipulation to the normal directions? Because it makes a great difference on rounded surfaces, and If I remember correctly this feature is offered as an option in other SubD applications.

Select a SubD face and toggle the Gumball to ‘Align to Object’

Currently the gumball can’t extrude UVN on complex face selections however you can use the ExtrudeSubD command and then set the command line options Basis=UVN and Direction=N to perform this task.