Object inside block disappears


(Nico van Loggerenberg) #1

Hi all

I have a strange recurring error - the loft (column) inside this block disappears as soon as I exist block edit mode. I have tried making the same surface with a revolve, as well as exploding and creating a new block. Capping doens’t work either. Still persists. Clear Draw Order didn’t fix the problem either. File attached. COLUMN TEST.3dm (825.3 KB)


is it possible that this is coming from some hidden layer?

(Nico van Loggerenberg) #3

No, all layers are on.

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi @nicovlogg - please run the ClearAllMeshes command and then reset the view to Shaded - does that look better?



(Nico van Loggerenberg) #5

Fixes it perfectly, thanks Pascal.