Object in Hyperlink doesn't export to DWG

Hi there,

I am adding a hyperlink to an object in Rhino and then I want to export it to dwg and open it on AutoCAD. However, the saved file seems like it doesn’t retain any information.
Steps to replicate in Rhino:

  • Create a text object
  • From the properties add a hyperlink targeting a file
  • Save .3dm → information successfully saved
  • Export element to DWG, Import back to Rhino or Autocad → Information is missing

Is this a known bug / this is not supported from rhino?

Hi Stamatios -

Does that mean that you know that the DWG format supports this?
Can you attach a simple DWG file that has an hyperlink on an object?

I wouldn’t expect this behavior, UserText doesn’t even translate to any AutoSad attributes.

:thinking: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

hmm… not sure. I can add a hyperlink to the object in autocad. It is saved in .dwg where else would it be saved otherwise? I made the assumption that the hyperlink on AutoCAD is the same as the Hyperlink in Rhino.

Here is the .dwg I created in autocad.
Drawing1.dwg (36.2 KB)

You can’t do that between Autodesk products. A hyperlink in Autocad to/from Revit for example

Wow! :grimacing: