Object identification

Hi everyone,

When we notice an error in a part of the 3d drawing, where can we find that part in grasshopper?

For example, here I don’t want the line to curl like this.

Going back to the beginning every time can be very tiring!

When you select a component in grasshopper, the output of that component becomes highlighted in the viewport.

It’s important to remember that an “error” can’t always be traced back to a single instruction. The output of a grasshopper definition is a sum of many parts.

Furthermore, a run-time error like the one you’re looking for cannot be detected by a computer because it’s doing everything you asked it to correctly. In order to diagnose it you must understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it so you can audit the process.

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I would add to what @jsb.walker told you that there are a few components that you can use as ‘diagnostic tools’
list item if you connect it to a list (e.g. of curves), select it in grasshopper and move the slider you can detect which curve is which
point list If you feed it a bunch of points (e.g. ends of curves) it shows you their indexes in 3d space.

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When something does not work, look where the geometry does not follow the rules you are defining.

Here, the last line goes in another direction compared to all the other ones.

And your last profile is crossing over.


Because of this point :

Try to push the intersection plane a little bit towards -Y, or reduce the inclination of your main line

Then for the surface I’m not really sure you can build it from Edge Surface since one of the curves is a polyline. Probably better to loft.

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