Object does not intersect problem while using solid difference

Hey there!

I am currently trying to make a cut out of my model INSIDE the solid box, however, I am currently having a problem as it keeps saying that they’re not intersecting as seen in the image below.

I will need the cut out of the model within the box because I will be using the box for further CFD testing for my school project.

If anyone could help, it will really really help me a lot because I have 3 models to do.

Cheers!! Ship Clean.3dm (203.4 KB)

for rhino those objects are just floating one inside another. if you want to make a difference, yo have to divide the box in half. the intersection is between surfaces, not the volume inside

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Hi @haruroslan

If your CFD software takes meshes, mesh both the box and the hull, flip the direction of the hull and join the two meshes - that’ll give you a solid mesh with a void; then export in a mesh based format.

HTH, Jakob


There is no need for a Boolean operation here, you already have the exact result you’re looking for…

I second what Jakob said.


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