Object details - Layers

Hello everyone,

I have trimmed lines separated into two lists, but it seems that I can’t obtain layer information from the ObjectDetails component if lines are separated into multiple lists like this.

Does anyone know how I can get layer info from objects that are placed in multiple lists?

Object details - layers.gh (18.9 KB)
Object details - layers.3dm (360.2 KB)

That is expected behavior, since in grasshopper the objects are copied between components - mostly without any of the original attributes. Meaning each subsequent component has objects with new object IDs and so on. So after you’ve done operations on the imported lines, you need to assign the layers yourself to the new lines - and by implication any other attributes you want to keep from the initial lines.

Great, can you tell me how do I assign layers to the new lines?

Hi -

For Rhino 7, there might be plug-ins that provide that functionality. In Rhino 8, there are native components to deal with attributes.