Object contour division in multiple directions

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I’ve been trying to achieve an effect, where an object is divided by stripes in multiple directions, like here:

The definition I’ve come up with only lets me make contours oriented in one direction (def attached). Is there a way to create an effect like in the picture? I’ve also been thinking of using Pufferfish for this - maybe it would be the easiest way to solve this problem.

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stripes.gh (921.7 KB)


Something like this?


Thank you so much!
but please tell me, what’s the F/V/N node? I cannot find it

Thank you!!

It’s a predefined vector in the WorldXY Normal (Z = up) direction. There are more of these, like “X” and “Y”. In short, vectors.

Just double click on the canvas and typ “Z” (or “X” or “Y”) and they will be shown in the result list, like so:


// Rolf

Thank you so much!
But is it aslo possible to set different vectors for slicing one object?
Is there a way to do it any other way except for manually?

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You can extract vectors almost out of everything, be it planes(axis are vectors), lines(direction) or construct your own using the vector 2pt component.

I still haven’t found a way to create an effect like here:

so that the lines would change the direction whithin an object. I’d be grateful if anyone could help me find a solution for this…

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