Object constraint Look along Z up rotates object before starting

I am trying to make an animation of an object that follows a course - like a car along a road. I used successfully the Path constraint, next step was to use Look along Z Up constraint so that the object keeps its “head” to the correct angle on the path. However, when I add the constrain, my object is rotated 180 degrees from its original heading, which results in it going “backwards” on its track. What could be the cause?

On initiating a ‘To Path’ or a ‘Look Along’ constraint you’re asked (in the commandline) to “Select curve. Pick near starting end:”. Maybe you picked the wrong end?
In case your ‘path’ is a closed curve you can use Rhino’s “Dir”-command (Analyse Direction) to see what and where the beginning and end might be!

Or it sounds like you might be the victim of the Z-up problem. This occurs only in some specific situations. In that case could you please send us the model (luc@mcneel.com)


Thank you Luc,
In the end it was the direction of the curve I used as a path. When I swapped the direction, it went the way I wanted.

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