Obj overwrite causing problems

Hi there,
Just started using Rhino 6, and I’ve encountered an issue that’s been bothering me a bit.


This only happens when I try to overwrite a pre-existing obj file with another obj file. It is quickly resolved if I change the name of the new obj. This hasn’t been an issue for me in Rhino 5, so I’m wondering if there is an option to disable this limitation in Rhino 6 that I missed.

Thank you for your time.


Hi Jayson - is the save location to a Google Drive or DropBox folder or some similar monitored/synced location?


Hi Pascal - no it’s saved in a local hard drive.

Hi Jayson - does saving work normally to the desktop? And are the file you save initially showing as Read Only in Windows?


Hi Pascal - A bit more info. It does save normally to the desktop. Also, I found that overwriting itself is not the issue, but overwriting the name of the obj that was imported is causing the issue.

Hi Jayson - I’m not sure I follow, yet - can you tell me the exact conditions that make this fail?



Yes. Sorry about that.

The condition is that “object_1” is imported into Rhino. It is scaled down for unit conversion. “object_1” is then exported as “object_1” from Rhino. This is when it fails. There is no issue exporting “object_1” as “object_2.”

Hi Pascal,

Any idea how to detach Rhino 6’s imported object from the source? I have limited understanding of how these things work, but this is my guess.

Thanks for your help!

If you really only use the Import command, there isn’t any form of attachment to the source file at all.
FWIW, I cannot reproduce the issue here.

Hi wim - thanks for chiming in. I agree with you, hence my confusion. This has never been an issue on Rhino 5. We have 10 workstations in-house, and currently, this issue is present in two of my workstations while I found that one that cannot reproduce this. I’ll check back later after running the same situation on all other computers. To reproduce exactly: Export from Maya into Rhino (default settings, inches unit) -> scale Rhino mesh at origin by 1/16 -> attempt to export (default settings) as obj over the imported obj name.

Thanks for your time.

Hi Jayson - is the obj file ‘in use’ somehow by Maya?


No, I don’t think so.

Thanks for all your help. I’ve ruled this out as the mesh itself causing the issue. Other obj files with simpler geometry doesn’t seem to have this issue.

Edit: This was a false assumption. Error still occurs with a primitive cube obj,