Obj model import

I am having an issue with a model downloaded from Turbosquid. It is an obj file with associated mtl material file and all the materials bundled in a zip. When I open the model directly from the zip file, the model geometry opens but it can’t find the mtl file, presumably because it is still packed in the zip file. However, when I unpack the zip file and open the obj file, no geometry opens.

Hm… I’m not sure what to suggest - I assume you are opening the obj from the folder that you just unzipped - are you opening Rhino and then using Import or Open from the file menu?


I have tried both approaches. The existence of the mtl file appears to prohibit the obj geometry file from loading. However, I get no warnings in Rhino.

What version of Rhino are you running? (SystemInfo command in Rhino - paste the results here) This rings a bell, the mtl file part - and I think it has been fixed.


Rhino 6 SR12 2019-1-29 (Rhino 6, 6.12.19029.6381, Git hash:master @ ae9d7fba5fda0b43002dc44a34e059a9a382db04)

Hello - please ‘Check for updates’ from the Help menu - your Rhino is about seven service releases behind…


I will update and recheck immediately.

If that doesn’t help, send us the zip file with the obj, mtl and textures. If we can’t fix it we can probably at least tell you why it’s not working.


Hi Jstusse I’m a user like you. Sometimes I purchase from Turbosquid. In the past as a workaround y try to download also the FBX file. Or import the OBJ into Blender (I use the subdivision surface modifier if the model needs that) and later try to import the meshes into Rhino from Blender.

Tim, it didn’t work. It seems like the act of unzipping the file makes the obj itself unusable. I don’t know if it’s appropriate for me to send you the files as they are purchased.

OK. That’s your deal. I don’t plan on using the files outside of debugging. I can’t help without the file(s). You don’t have to post it on the forum. Upload it here and it’s only available to me. https://www.rhino3d.com/upload. Put tim@mcneel.com in the recipient email.