OBJ export options window save button off bottom of my monitor can't click it to save file?

When I am exporting an OBJ, when the export properties comes on the screen after you click save, The bottom of that box is off my monitor 1366X768 so I canot click the ok button on the bottom of that box to complete the save save the file. I have the monitor set to max res.

Any way to re size this box, I cant adjust it like a rgular window


Move the box after it opens. Left click on the bar across the top of the box and hold the left mouse button down. Drag the box so the bottom is on the screen.

When I do that I can only drag sideways or down but not up so I could see the save button at the bottom of the window, just like windows you cant drag the title bar of a window off the top of your screen.
is rhino meant to be used with a vertical monitor res of 768?I mostly use other monitors so I normally don’t have this problem.

Are you trying to move the entire Rhino window or only the small panel which appears during “Save as”? The panel is much shorter than 768.

You know, it is not all that much shorter, in fact - - it’s 745. And it is not resizable. @Flubber Lisa, can you put the Windows taskbar on the side of the screen to make a few more pixels available vertically?


Just the save as panel David.

Pascal, I tried moving the task bar but their is still some the save as panel box showing, Its strange that the panel size is 745 and my laptop monitor is 768 but for some reason the panel does not fit on the screen?