OBJ Export .mtl?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to export meshes with colour generated through the Shapediver’s as OBJ files without success. Is there anything special I should do, for instance, if I want to export a mesh with an image projection?

Tried almost everything that came to my mind, even exporting the mesh using vertex color information, but still, i’m just recieving a plain colourless mesh file.

Is there a way to create an .mtl file containing the generated through Shapediver colour information of the file while exporting the result as an OBJ?

Thanks in advance,

MTL file format as output is not currently supported but you can export a bitmap with the mesh model. OBJ file is exported with texture mapping so you can apply the bitmap later in your pipeline. Manipulating and exporting images is well explained in tutorials below. I also recommend Human plugin which offers various texture mapping components.