Obfuscation of source files

Do you guys obfuscate source files created in .
If so, what software do you use to obfuscate them?
The software you create is a kind of intellectual property and needs to be protected to some extent.

I have tried several obfuscation software programs but they all give me errors and I am having trouble.

I’m tired of hearing that intermediate languages should be reverse engineered, so I don’t need such an opinion.

I have tried several obfuscators for .NET. This is very easy to setup, when you correctly point to its settings file.

Edit: using nuget package you can set it to automatically obfuscate during building of dll in Visual Studio.

Hello @mlukasz87

I have seen what you have presented once, but I will read it again carefully and try it out.

As a professional .net security researcher, I would like to say that the above two softwares are simple string obfuscations that have been renamed and can be easily reversed by de4dot。 You can find the obfuscator and deobfuscator you want on this link:GitHub - NotPrab/.NET-Deobfuscator: Lists of .NET Deobfuscator and Unpacker (Open Source)

Free I recommend ConfuserEx. His goto function is very confusing, and basically no one can analyze it automatically。Paid I recommend Agile.NET, DNGrand, NETReactor and VMProtect

Also, ILProtector and Eazfuscator are good. KoiVM is awesome

Mentioned by me obfuscator is very simple. Question was to find some which can be easily setup. It is up to developer to decide what level of (false) security he wants to provide.

During deobfuscation not all names are recovered, so code definitely is not so clean as initially. Motivated individual will find what he wants in .NET libraries anyway.

Perhaps there is no end to the discussion on this Topic.
The question is to what extent developers want to obfuscate and whether they are comfortable with it.

I was able to achieve this with the help of @mlukasz87 and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to @mlukasz87

What is the real reason people want obfuscate their code?

  • They are worried of someone stealing their top secret algorithms.
  • They are embarrassed people will see their terrible spaghetti code.

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I voted for spaghetti since I love bolognese version.

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Me too