Nxt Render Farm - "Farm not found" error

Hi all,

I am running the Flamingo Render Farmer and have managed so set it up successfully on 3 out of 4 computers, all connected to the same local network.

The fourth machine is on the network, can send renders to the render farm which join the queue and render correctly, but does not appear on the list of connected computers in the Farm Monitor on the other machines.

Also, when trying to open the Farm Monitor software on this machine, I get the error “Fatal Error, Farm not found”.

I have tried reinstalling the software, restarting the machine and updating Flamingo. I have also checked and re-applied the license code (reports successfully licensed) but no joy.

Renders sent from this machine are rendered using the farm, but it does not appear on the list as a usable machine to carry out render tasks itself.

Thanks in advance…