NVIDIA Quadro FX not active in Rhino

One of our training laptops runs Win-8 64 bit as a test.
The videocard is NVIDIA Quadro FX 1600M with updated drivers.
However when I open Rhino 5.0 as administrator, the videocard is not active in Rhino and only the Generic Microsoft card is active.

Use accelerated hardware modes is turned on.

How to activate the NVIDIA card?

@jeff, do you have an idea here?


We have seen this problem only once since the release of Win7/Win8… It’s not a Rhino problem but more of an OS and account problem. Since we were unable to duplicate the situation there was really no way for us to get a good handle on why logging into the admin account failed to load the hardware video drivers…which prevents programs like Rhino from using any kind of hardware acceleration whatsoever. Other accounts worked just fine, it was only the Admin account, and only the “initial” admin account. The solution I came up with for that user was to create a brand new Admin account, make sure everything works for that account and then delete the old admin account… Again, we are not sure what is going on here with the OS, only that new accounts seem to work and that the problem only occurred with the initial admin account that got created during the installation of the OS.

Please let me know if this does or does not work.


I’ve seen this several times, mostly on Lenovo laptops. In those cases, I sent the user off to Lenovo for computer updates. One user reported back that after updating the system BIOS on his Lenovo laptop, then Rhino could find the better video card. The others never reported back.

Thanks Jeff,

I will try this out if John’s solution of updating Bios is not successful.
If I have results I’ll let you know.

Thanks John,

This is a five year old Dell Precision M6300 laptop. So updating the Bios might be a good idea.

I’ll keep you posted

Updating the Bios was not successful to solve the Graphics card problem.
Now we’ll try the new Admin suggestion at a later time as we use the machine for a training these days.