Nvidia iray news

I found Maxwell Render doing gorgeous renderings, however, also found it a bit complicated - compared to KeyShot. I also found KeyShot of CyberMonday with a much steeper discount, so I went with KeyShot for the discount and for the EASE of use. However, I am interested in NVIDIA IRAY now, and signed up for the BETA. I am going to encourage them to keep it simple. I think a big plus for complicated programs, would be to have a ‘simple’ mode with LESS choices, for beginners, who would then be able to switch to the NEXT LEVEL after they’re familiar with the rudimentary controls. Cheers~ http://www.nvidia.com/object/iray-for-rhino.html HOWEVER, I really like the real time light and camera technique. Anything similar to Maxwel Render & Nvidia Iray out there?