Nvidia GTX 850M OpenGL display black screen; DriverData:NA; Driver Version NA; Evaluation Version

Version 5 SR12 64bit (5.12.50810.13095, 10/08/2015)

This is my new laptop, and I can’t get the OpenGL working.
When ‘use accelerated hardware modes’ is checked, all viewports blackout. However, when something is selected or some commands are activated for example ‘polylines’ and an input point is required, the screen change from black to normal. Then rotating model became smoother at higher frame rate and the graphic card seems to work.

However, when press escape and exit from the command or when nothing is selected, the viewport blackout again. I have searched through forums and no solution so far.

I have uninstalled Rhino and installed the evaluation version, the same thing happened. The Nvidia GTX 850M driver is up to date.

Am I missing something or is the Nvidia control panel’s setting is wrong?

Please help and thanks. I’m a student and is going crazy of the slow Rhino performance.

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