NurbsSurface control point indices from GripObject

If a user selects a surface control point, can I reliably assume that the Index property of the resulting GripObject that was selected corresponds to the row/col index of the associated control point (converted to a linear array)? It seems like it in my testing but I wasn’t sure if that is guaranteed.

Is there another preferred way of getting from a GripObject associated with a NurbsSurface to the corresponding control point in the surface’s Points collection that I’m overlooking?

Thanks, Larry

Hi @LarryL,

No, not really. The surface grip creator does special stuff for closed, periodic, and singular surfaces. And some surface grips can reference multiple control points.

Without adding something, the best you can do is GripObject.GetSurfaceParameters.

What are you trying to do?


– Dale

OK, maybe this:

– Dale

@dale that change looks perfect, thank you for adding that; what I was trying to do is determine if two surface grips selected by the user were on the same row or column, and this will make it simple.

Thanks again, Larry