Numpy,Scipy through C# dll

I guess this is a long shot. I looked around the forum and haven’t found a complete solution. There is a C# project on github.

I wonder has anyone tried this or similar solutions for using numpy, scipy in rhino python?


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Hi @vincentfs,

I see JetBrains is sponsoring this, so this is a serious project. Give it a try and let us know your findings.

– Dale

Sadly, I know very little about C#. I was hoping any C# guru can help provide a roadmap.

@Terry_Chappell Could you give a hand on this when you have time?It would be very much appreciated!


I have written some high performance C++ code that I access from a Python script but no C# code. I have only used IronPython built into Rhino but I do not know how to access bumpy or scipy when using it. Thus I am not sure I can help.



Thank you all the same. I thought compiling c++ and c# to .dll was similar. The github repo has a .csproj file, which I think is possible to compile to a .dll file, and then import to ironpython through “import clr”.

It is ok if this is not a familiar subject for you. I’m still impressed by many of your work. :grinning: