Numbering Sequence on Wall

AXEL WALL ONLY 2022_ARC80004_Fabrication and Creative Processes_PickAndPlace_Design_GR.3dm (6.8 MB)
Project_2_Assignment_2 rotated (21.7 KB)

Hi, been at this problem for sometime now and have struggled to find a solution. I have made a wall structure that has been numbered in order from 0 in the bottom corner and increased row by row. However I have rotated the ends of the wall which has adjusted the numbering system as it now counts up from the ends then the middle. I have tried sorting the two groups and then merging the lists and playing around with trees but have had no luck. Any help would be appreciated

Have a look at this:

Project_2_Assignment_2 rotated (24.5 KB)


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Perfect! Just what i needed thank you kevin :slight_smile: