Number seperators changed

I am not sure if I see the messed up behavior. Here a screencast of what I see in v6:

As far as I can tell in the command-line I always see correct doubles.

@a.giehr, what am I missing?

I´m not sure. This begins to get kind of strange. Here´s my output:

I added an output of “s” and the factors to my script

Here are the results:

Rhino 5 german

Rhino 5 english

Rhino 6 german:

And now the error in Rhino 6 english:

The only things happening in my Script before this point are finding the values in the .ini, selecting a curve to scale and getting s. There should be no issue, since s and the values are found correctly (exept of the seperator error).

The only maybe relevant things that could be different are the Pc language and that i export and import the options when i change the language. This is important for us so that non admin accounts cannot mess with their settings. But there´s a check if the Rhino language and the language represented by s match. Maybe theres an option that is not exported anymore or was exported and isn´t anymore or something, but that´s a longs shot.

Can you think of anything else i should check?

Could you also Prin()t the variables strLengthFactor and strWidthFactor both before and after the Replac() calls?

Ok, i found something. When i first tested the scaling, i imported a file and used a meshoutline of it to create a curve for scaling. This is how we/our customers would usually work. To save some time, i used a curve created by the default curve command for the new pictures. Everything suddenly went fine as you see in the pictures.

6 German

6 English


5 German


5 English


Then i imported a file again and the following happens (Rh6 english)


The standart import command does not cause the error. Only an import script a predecessor of mine wrote.

This is the code in the import script:

PseudoFile = ManagePseudoFile(“Create”, “C:\FootMILL\Einlagen”, “Pseudo.3dm”)
Rhino.command("-_Import " & Chr(34) & PseudoFile & Chr(34) & " _Enter")
ManagePseudoFile “Delete”, PseudoFile, “”

ManagePseudoFile looks like this :

Option Explicit
'Funktion erstellt eine Pseudo Datei
Function ManagePseudoFile(operation,folder,filename) 'Array mit den Koordinaten der Grips
Dim objFSO
Dim objFolder
Dim objShell
Dim objFile

’ Create the File System Object
Set objFSO = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)

'####### Create
if operation = “Create” Then

' Check that the folder exists
If objFSO.FolderExists(folder)= True Then
  Set objFolder = objFSO.GetFolder(folder)
  Set objFolder = objFSO.CreateFolder(folder)
End If

If objFSO.FileExists(folder & filename) = False Then
 'Kopieren aus dem FootMill Ordner
 Set objFile = objFSO.GetFile("C:\FootMILL\FootMILL_Manager\data\" & filename)
 objFile = objFile.Copy (folder & filename) 
 Set objFile = objFSO.GetFile(folder & filename)
 objFile.Attributes = 2
  Set objFile = objFSO.GetFile(folder & filename)
  objFile.Attributes = 2
End If 

set objFolder = nothing
set objFile = nothing

end if

'####### Delete
if operation = “Delete” Then

If objFSO.FileExists(folder) = true Then
end if

end if

set objFSO = nothing

ManagePseudoFile = folder & filename

End Function

Is there something in the script that may cause Rhino 6 to think that it schould use the seperator used in the imported file or someting similar? I guess the file was created in Rhino with the german language pack. Could have been in Rhino 4 though.
When i import the same file with the import command, everything is fine. In Rhino 5 everything works without issues.

The code you show here doesn’t do any parsing of strings into doubles. Assuming the parsing happens as you wrote earlier through Rhino.GetSettings() the problem is probably some other part. From both snippets posted it is not obvious what causes your problem.

Yeah i know. I thought maybe the import imports some settings in the background and makes Rhino think the german language pack is loaded or something like that.

If i don´t use the import script, everything works fine like there never where any problems. That´s what puzzles me.

It’ll be hard to tell without having steps to reproduce. If you want to share your code and necessary data with us for investigation without posting here on the forums you can use zip all necessary files and upload at - copy the link to this Discourse discussion in the comments section and the package should find its way to a dev.

That won´t be necessary. I found the error by myself in the meantime.
There was a line in an old script, that changed the locality and never changed it back. Only that Rhino 5 (until SR 14) did not seem to care.

Thank you very much for your assistance

@a.giehr, good to hear you found the problem, and managed to fix it :slight_smile: