Number input for transparency settings in display modes, changes to other value automatically


there seems to be a bug in some number inputs. I tried to change transparency settings for display mode ‘ghosted’ (under shading settings). when i entered a number 0-100 % or a float, the number input changed to a very high number (e.g. 1000000)

Do you have Dutch setting for MacOS, along with comma for decimal separator?

I see this happening here too. I logged a bug:

I have Finnish as my region setting, which means I have also a comma as decimal separator.

Hi Nathan,
thanks for checking. Indeed my mac uses comma separator as default. I tried comma separated numbers as well, but without the desired result.

cheers, tim

I doubt that is going to work, there is probably a slight confusion code-wise how to deal with numbers when using ‘exotic’ settings. We’ve gone over most of them, but apparently some cases still exist.

FWIW this will work in the next WIP. I just tested a fix for this problem.

This should be fixed in the latest RhinoWIP. Please give it a try.