Number grouping problem

Number grouping (13.3 KB)

What I am trying to achieve is to move the numbers in z-axis,

but I have 205 geometries and 105 unique vectors(not shown here).

How do I group number into sets so that I have 105 sets in total?

So leaving 1-digit numbers aside,

1, 0 → ‘10’
1, 1 → ‘11’
1, 0 , 4 → ‘104’

What does the Geometry output show?

Yellow texts as shown in the image I attached.
If that is not what you are asking, could you rephrase it?

I’m not using the plugins you used to create the text.

To see the path structure, you can add a param viewer and a panel.

See the number of branches coincides with the number of vectors

To move your texts you will have to graft the vectors.

Somehow it didn’t work before but it is now working :):slight_smile:

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I don’t have these bits either:


But it sounds similar to this thread ten days ago?

Waste of time.

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This thread or that one? They both sound like the same data tree matching issue to me.

When the geometries (digits) are arranged in 105 branches to match the vectors, problem solved?

P.S. Oh! THIS IS A DUPLICATE THREAD, @stage5.jake already had the answer in the thread I linked to. So yeah, I agree, Jake is wasting our time.