Number becomes active after a period

Hi all,

I am working on animating a a series of points and I want the points to follow a line, I am using evaluate point to have 1 point going from 0 to 1 on the full length - works great.

However, i want to animate 10 points over the line, using 1 slider. I don’t want to animate the first point 0 to 1 then have the second point start, that would be too easy right?

I want to animate point 1 until a certain point, lets say 0.2 of its length, then the 2nd point starts, then when point 2 gets to 0.35 length of the way, point 3 sets off as a sequence. Basically likes cars going over a bridge which is the project I am working on.

I thought about using true to false but its didn’t really make much progress with it.

I could upload a pretty useless script but its not that helpful but I will upload something later tonight.


You mean like Relay race?

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No not exactly because in relay, when point 1 gets to point 2, point 2 starts and point 1 finishes where point 2 started.

I want all the 10 points to go from 0 to 1. I just want point 2 to set off from 0 when point 1 has reached a certain distance.

All going from 0-1

Point 1 sets off
Point 2 sets off when point 1 has reached 0.2 distance. Point 1 carries on.
Point 3 sets off when point 2 has reached 0.4 distance. Point 1 and Point 2 are carrying on
Point 4 sets off when point 3 has reached 0.9 distance. Point 1 and Point 2 have finished but Point 3 has carried on.

for context its actually for a bridge project.

so image having cars over a bridge … Hope this was clear.


Try with this ; i don’t understand exactly what you want

points (16.3 KB)

This is cool! Thanks!

Sorry for not being clearer but it was more instead of point 1 going to 0.2 and stopping. But point 1 would continue and never stop until it reached the end. When point 1 reached a certain point it would just be a trigger to set point 2 off and not change point 1.

Does it make sense ?

Try to understand the definition , this is how i create animation and you find a way to change which point move or stop

You’re trying to implement an animation like the movement of the soldiers in the game Cannon Fodder?

Simply make some conditioning that each point depends on the value of the previous one.

Sorry for not giving an example, I’m not in front of the PC.


P0_t = slider_value
if P0_t < 0.2:
    P1_t = 0
    P1_t = P0_t - 0.2
if P1_t < 0.2:
    P2_t = 0
    P2_t = P1_t - 0.2
# and so on...

oh we’re moving into proper scripting. Thanks for the tips, I think I can get it from here. Will upload the finished article today.

This is a scripting-free version - it may not be exactly what you’re after but I think this approach is nice and easy with native components.


very nice. thank you

will upload final image when done

made some changes and edits but works well! Thanks all