Null result for Quad Remesh

Hi All,

I’m getting a null result for quad remesh that I can’t resolve.
I’ve attached a gh script to demonstrate this. If I use a rebuilt mesh (or add it to Rhino document) then it works. Invalid test doesn’t provide any insights.

201122 quad (661.2 KB)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions to identify what is wrong with the mesh or how to get it to work.



The red mesh is what you wanted to remesh. It has a few faces I would remove and I’m not sure if that unwelded edge at the top of the rail is desired or not. Anyways, I deleted the faces at the end and moved the geometry to the zeropoint and aligned it with the X axis. That way you can easily choose the X axis as symmetry axis.

201122 quad (651.2 KB)

Thanks for the reply. Yes, the geometry I included is poor, but unfortunately indicative of what is produced in other software implementations at present.

I did a bit more testing after posting, it seems quad remesher might be dependent on the input mesh have face normals. I’m not getting null output if I check for normals and compute them if they don’t exist.