Nuggets box modelisation

Hi guys,

Currently studying an enginner food course, i would need to modelize a bucket (deserved to be fill with panned nuggets), and a cap divided into 4 parts (supposed ton contain 4 differents sauces).

The concept of this products is to remove the cap then heat the nuggets and dip them into the sauces contained in the cap

I have downloaded Rhino3d V5 but i must agree it’s too complicated for me to do something good…

This is why i’m asking you guys, if someone of you would be kind enough to try to modelize something and post it here.

Would be very appreciated !

Kind regards !


Hi Valentin,
Can you provide a drawing, a sketch or an image?


Yeah for sure, will be uploaded tomorrow morning (drawings are at home)

Thanks for contributing :slight_smile:

Here are the drawings :smile:

Sorry, I can’t access Google Drive from work.


Grosso modo;
boite.3dm (2.1 MB)

It’s not close to be ready for production but it can be refined depending on the purpose of the model.

Good job ! That’s really nice.

On the drawings you can see that the box is rounded with a thin ribbon.
The box is supposed to open widely when you remove the band.

Could you please try to add it and also the box wide opened ??

Thank you very much for the job done.

Kind regards,

Valentin DESPRAT

Hi Valentin,

What are your needs? Do you want a model or an image? For illustrative purposes? For manufacturing?

Hi Marc,
I would need an image for illustrating the project !
No industrial goal.


Valentin DESPRAT


Here’s an image and the model.
But I think that, with a simple object like that, you’d be better off with a mock-up.
With some care you could build this very economically and in a short time. And it will allow you to learn what would be the best dimensions/proportions.
boite.3dm (2.1 MB)

Cheers man for the great job.

I’ll follow ur advice and try to build something during the week.

Kind regards