Nuget install & using

Like nodejs like yarn or npm From the Console (terminal) I would like to have a tool to install globally.
Download the nuget binary packages like a system like Unity and refresh the nuget dll that was pre-read or installed as an assembly in grashopper.
I hope that using extended libraries will be easy.
I don’t think I’ve found it yet.
Does that already exist?
Should I always turn on visual studio and create or compile plug-ins that use/wrap dll?
Plug-in compilation is a great way to create an extended app, but…
Very simply,
I wish there was a way to pull out faster and more powerful functions.

The “Managed Assemblies …” field can’t help you?

For the integration of NuGet in Grasshopper, I do not see.
but nothing prevents you from creating a “fake project” VS
no source code, just with the downloaded NuGet packages, then take what you need.

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Thanks @kitjmv
I know how to do it, and I haven’t tried it yet, so I’m trying it on Mac.
But it doesn’t work.
It’s installed inside the ~/.nuget…
All versions don’t recognize using.

It seems specific to Mac, unfortunately I do not know this system.
On the other hand if it is only for Newtonsoft, Rhino has it in its installation directory (at least under Windows), I imagine that it is the same under Mac.

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I’ll have to test it on Windows. Thank you.

The issue is the C# component doesn’t recognize them.

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