NPT Threads and Pieces & Parts

I’ve searched the forums with no luck. In some of the other models constituting my patented device, I need to incorporate NPT (1/4") threaded ports. Are there ‘blocks’ available somewhere?

I would also like to find models of the following parts.

Pressure gauges (back & bottom ports)
Schrader valve
Cornelius keg adapter
Gas and Liquid Ball-Lock fittings
Gas and Liquid Ball-Lock adapters
Beer Faucet
Pressure Relief Valves

This is not for actual construction models. I would like to be able to obtain complete renderings.
Photo examples attached


Have a look at as a starting point for the threads… The rest of it is very easy and quick modelling.

If/when you create them you could make them free on GrabCad or maybe sell them on TurboSquid…


Nice AddIn and it does a nice job, but no NPT.

McMaster has a ton of stuff available in various 2d and 3d formats - haven’t looked for precisely the articles you want though…


I think I found that very beer keg tapper on GrabCad, have a look there.

Free 3D and 2D models are available from

The signup is required.

Thanks to all. I think I found some useful parts. Now to unzip them and see what I have.

Not the same. I will try and modify it to work…