Now I know why my Blocks change their titles

After a Blockedit command, the block edit box comes up in my peripheral vision on my secondary monitor. Great! Working on the command line I type a command. Nothing appears on the command line, so I click on it and away I go. Meanwhile - unbeknownst until now that the block edit window comes up with the name field activated - my vain command has now become the new name for the Block. I wonder if that field being active when the window opens is desirable. I have opened hundreds of blocks to edit the geometry, but never once that I recall to change the name - I’d use the block manager for that.


Thank you for mentioning this. I accidentally rename blocks all the time! My suggestion for McNeel would be to NOT activate the name field by default when editing a block. If I want to change a name of a block, I always do it in the Block Manager, not in the Block Editor.

Hoi -
I can’t seem to reproduce that behavior here on the Rhino 8 WIP. Either something was fixed or I’m doing something differently than just double-clicking a block and typing a command.