Notilus Clipper + Section Tools

Hi all, anybody using both Notilus Clipper and SectionTools together?
When I work on a Rhino file with some sections placed their definition is lost as I enable Notilus Clipper.
Sections Layer are left but actual sections disappear as I refresh them.
@tahirhan could you please check this with @rajaa ?
I suppose, as they both make use of hidden clipping planes, that Notilus cause some trouble in SectionTools definitions.

Rhino Version 7 SR17
(7.17.22088.17001, 2022-03-29)
SectionTools 2021.4.30.511
Notilus Clipper v.

Hi @luca4
I haven’t used Notilus, and not sure what is happening. Keep me posted if you find something.

Hi Rajaa,
I have been contacted by eMail from Notilus support which is dealing this.
Until they find a fix I will stick to SectionTools only

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