Notification tabs proliferating

New variant of proliferating tabs bug has appeared:

I now get three messages when I start Rhino (license obtained, Video driver 1 update recommended, Video driver 2 update recommended). The three messages are rendered on one notification tab but two more blank tabs are created.

Rhino 6.13.19046.18041, 15/02/2019

Same issue here. Also deleted notifications keep reappearing. I have 11 in total now. Unchecking the Notifications display option does not seem to help.

@aj1 - do you have an idea?


Ideas about what?


There’s still a bug on our list for this item. We should get to it sometime in the future, as it is still scheduled to be done.

  • AJ


I have the same error.

cannot remove.

Sincerely Nils

Hi @Nils,

I haven’t seen this in a while (the most recent time was when McNeel added the driver messages, but lately they render correctly). I’m on R6 SR15.

You should be able to get rid of them with Jesse’s workaround:


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I’m on R6 SR15 and just started to see this today. And on someone elses installation yesterday.
The workaround you mention does not work.
We need a way to disable this tab permanently.
For me, this looks like a new bug introduced with R6 SR15.

I am having the same problem…

Yep, it’s on the list.

– Dale

Should have kept schtum - it’s back (SR17). And with a twist today: I have two notification tabs but the tab icons are missing from them. A new concept: stealth notifications :grin: @dale

I’d like to know how to get rid of all the notification tabs. I can’t see other stuff I want for all the clutter.

Hi @Joe4,

Look at the workaround given by @JesseOgburn in the tenth post in this thread.


Also, this issue is now solved and the fix will be available in an upcoming 6.17 release candidate.

I’ve got at least 30 of these things. I’ll wait for the fix, I guess.

Good news. Thanks @wim for letting us know.