Notes window

It seems that once a .3dm is loaded which contains an open Notes window, or more importantly, when Rhino is closed from a document with an open Notes window, the next time Rhino is opened, even before a file is selected, the Notes window is already open. Perhaps this is by design, but it seems to me that Notes are document things and should only appear when a document containing them is opened. Perhaps there are other windows that display this characteristic - windows that show document related things, but stick around as Rhino instance things.

Maybe the idea is to store their location between Rhino invocations. I think this should be part of the document.

Or maybe it’s just a bug. 09/22/2015 WIP and earlier.


V5 works the same way.
Like Properties, Layers, Command Help, etc. the open “Panels”, their location, and arrangement are a Rhino Option property.
The information displayed in them (like Layers) are Document Properties.

Does that make sense?

Yes. The question is, can that be changed for the notes panel?

Your explanation of a design decision makes sense. The logic of the decision itself doesn’t, at least to me.

In the case of e.g. the layers panel, Rhino always has some kind of layer content, even when opened initially w/o a file. The user usually expects to be using it throughout his work and has determined where he wants it as a more or less “static” location.

In the case of the notes panel (and maybe a few others that don’t come to mind right now), there is no content until a document puts some there, and the user most likely thinks of the panel as a transitory thing that gets positioned in various places for convenience. When Rhino starts with one open in a seemingly random place with no content it is mildly distracting and annoying, IMHO.


Edit: forget that.

Yes, +1 from me on that… --Mitch