Note editing in grasshopper (much like Powerpoint > image)

it would be very cool to have a note system based on PowerPoint basic shapes,
it is possible in gh but you need to import from rhino which has no scale to the actual canvas.

i know gh and 6 are at the last push, but this could be a very cool thing if you have old file and have those notes to show you what you were really trying to do… or better sharing files …

Hi Asaf,

I’ve been working on a plugin for GH1 for some time now that allows to do this, among other things. Any suggestions outside of basic shapes?

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since we are all graphic CODERS here (visual coding) it would be nice to have any kind of notes to be added, arrows markups balloons nothing fancy just stuff to catch the eyes. unless you go the extra mile and you allow users to add to the library more designs.

Dani you rock.