Not yet updated to El Capitan?

We have definitely been noticing some major bugs with Grasshopper for Mac on OS X versions before El Capitan. Mavericks users might not even see the Grasshopper Canvas.

If you see these sorts of bugs that seem like they are specific to Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, please don’t hesitate to chime in with steps to reproduce them.

Would it make sense to limit GH to El Capitan? There is still an awful lot of work to do and working on patches to support older operating systems seems like a diversion of limited resources.

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That would certainly make the surface area of bugs much easier to deal with (and save me lots of time spinning up various versions of OS X in VMs). We can always revisit older versions later after everything else is ironed out if there is a need.

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Maybe we should just add a messagebox when starting the command on “previous to El Capitan” versions that the use needs El Capitan to run this command.

My two cents:
I think you should focus just on el capitan. The important thing is moving forward and at the end of the day El Capitan is a free upgrade there should be very few people that cannot update due to some legacy software (very rare though).

Also taking into account that Apple changes its operating system ~2 years by the time GH start to be more feature complete we will be using another operating system.

Just my opinion.

Happy to have GH on the MAC, this is a very good start to the year. Congrats to the entire team.

I thought about this a bit more and have changed my mind on how we should approach this issue. I would venture to guess that 90%+ of operating system specific bugs are caused by the underlying support libraries that Grasshopper depends on. These being System.Drawing, System.Windows.Forms, MonoMac, and Eto. McNeel is responsible for developing these libraries and we expect other 3rd party Mac plug-ins to also use the libraries.

Grasshopper is our opportunity to find and fix these bugs. If we don’t support all of the same OSX versions on Grasshopper that Mac Rhino runs on, then these bugs will eventually show up in 3rd party plug-ins and will be much more difficult for us to diagnose and fix.

In short, we need to have GH run on all the versions on OSX that Mac Rhino runs on.


@dan and @stevebaer, is there an issue on Youtrack about this problem?

I went through the unresolved list, but don’t see it.

I have a customer having this problem. He uses OSX 10.8.5. It’s the latest supported osx by his mac.

@KelvinC: I logged an issue for this (MR-2665).

From my perspective, the System Requirements for the Rhinoceros do not apply to the RhinoWIP. That said, this is not explicitly stated, nor is it necessarily a consensus view. As a developer: I think of the RhinoWIP as the work-in-progress for Rhino 6 for Mac…which may have very different system requirements. On the other hand, I can completely understand why this might be confusing in the context of Rhino 5 for Mac vis-a-vis Grasshopper.

Thanks, @dan.