Not touched the texture when the fillet is done, and it creates the appearance and disorientation


And that there is a tool in sketchup that can fix this problem

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What is the question? I see no “?”. :wink:

If you ask for a better texture continuity at the rounded edge … I think this is a question of the Rhino mapping and not so much of Vray. You could:

  • unwrap your surfaces so that there a no gaps in the UV islands
  • create single continuous surfaces
  • or place a box mapping so that the box edges are adjusted to the rounded edges

If you see a texture jump at the viewport than Vray can’t fix it.

Here an example where I recreate the wall as a single surface.

Here the unwrap way per Unfold3D:

An other way could be to keep the original polysurface model and use a simplified single surface object as custom mapping UV source.

Yes, I can easily do this in software such as Unfold3D and 3dmax, but it can not be done correctly in the Rhino. Can you get a tutorial?
And we can do the texture in vray using the triplanar map and the need is not unwarp, but I do not want to go this way.

As if you did not understand what you said
I’m saying there is no bug in the other software​:pray::pray:

There is no bug indeed.